A General Overview of ADT Safewatch VideoView Home security Camera Systems

These days, video surveillance technology is indisputably one of the most effectual ways to augment the security of your houses. Since its very advent, it has adeptly mitigated the various security concerns of the people and this is also one of the chief reasons behind its colossal popularity. However, opting for this up to date technology is not at all a trivial issue and hence it is very important that you must take the assistance of some of the veteran and well-known home security solutions providers, such as, ADT.

A Brief Introduction on ADT Video Surveillance System:

ADT video surveillance system is a part of the ADT home security solutions. ADT trained personnel tactically places the cameras in every single corner of your residence and in this way defends the same from all sorts of dangers and misfortunes.

What are ADT Safewatch VideoView home security camera systems?

In addition, with ADT Safewatch VideoView home security camera systems, you can even watch video from any room in the house from any of the connected television or monitor. ADT Safewatch VideoView even allows the users to keep an eye on every single portion of their house through any smart phone or iPad, even while they are traveling abroad.

Diverse Features of ADT Safewatch VideoView:

Secure Viewing: With the advanced data encryption and security features of ADT Safewatch VideoView, now you no longer need to get concerned regarding the protection of your privacy.

ADT Remote Server: ADT remote server competently obtains the video footage from the ADT cameras, which are located in every single corner of your domicile.

See who is standing at Your Door: Furthermore, with ADT Safewatch VideoView home security camera systems, now you can effectively see whos standing outside the door. In this way, you can even verify whether your family members have arrived home safely or not.

Check who is in Your Home: ADT Safewatch VideoView home security camera systems even have the potency to record up to 30 seconds of each triggered event. ADT Safewatch VideoView even plays a significant role in saving up to 30 days of continuous activity with DVR.

Watch your Kids: Whats more, with ADT Safewatch VideoView, you can even keep an eye on every single action of your kid from any of the room in your house.

Keep an Eye on your Home from Anywhere: ADT Safewatch VideoView home security camera systems even enable you to maintain a constant surveillance on both your home and pets even while you are traveling abroad for any kind of business purposes.

Defend Your Property: Last but not the least, ADT Safewatch VideoView even provides you with active email alerts whenever any kind of trouble arises in your home.
Apart from this, ADT video surveillance systems further treats the clients with some of the attractive packages like,

ADT Indoor Camera Package
ADT Camera packages
ADT Multi-Camera Package
ADT DVR Package

All of these ADT video surveillance packages incorporate with some of the additional facilities like, ADT Indoor Color Cameras, ADT Digital Video Recorder etc.

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